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We're not the usual home care and support service. We aim to provide good quality care and an understanding that will be hard to find anywhere else. We're all about assisting you in your day to day life, rather than taking your independence from you. We want to assist and help, rather than take over and do it all for you. Whether that means taking you out on a shopping trip so we can do your groceries and errands together, whether it means making breakfast or dinner together, whether you have odd jobs such as the gardening or cleaning that you need assistance with that would make your life easier, that's what we are here for.

We have experience in the care home industry, and our aim is to improve and better the quality of care that we provide, based on our experiences.

Whether you have a family member with special needs, and need us to take over whilst you relax or recuperate, or if you have elderly relatives that need some assistance in day to day life, we can help.

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About Us

We're all about promoting independence. It's no good having someone come in and do all the tasks for you, when you have the ability to do them yourselves. Most people enjoy the little tasks in life. Whether it's running an errand to the post office, or walking the dog.

Phoenix Home Care & Support can help you with any task, big or small, that you'd like to carry out, and we'll be there to assist and support. Whatever you need, we can be there!

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